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Mountain Flying Course

Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. is located in Western Montana and specializes in flight training in one of the most diverse and beautiful locations on earth. Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the adjacent Rocky Mountains make available an extreme wilderness setting for flight training and becoming a skilled mountain/bush pilot.

Our Montana Bush flying course consists of 4 hours of ground training, along with 2 hours of mountain flying and off airport landings in our Cessna 206’s (equipped with belly pod, large bush tires, Robison STOHL Kit, etc). The course is taught by highly experienced mountain/bush pilots and emphasizes reading weather patterns along with high mountains winds and the best routes to fly to stay out of the turbulence. Also included are presentations on emergency landings and flying techniques for surviving unscheduled landings, as well as in-depth mountain flying instruction, emergency locator procedures and survival/medical gear.

  • Cost: $1,199.00 (2 hours flight time-Cessna 206, 4 Hours Ground Training with Mountain Flying Book Included).
    If more flight time is requested, additional cost is $450.00/hour.
  • Prerequisites: Private Pilot License with High Performance Sign Off is all that is required for course.
    If you do not have the High Performance Sign Off, an additional hour of flight time is required at $450.00/hour, and we will give you the sign off.

Whichever course you choose, be it Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Multi Engine, Mountain Flying, etc, Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. will provide the professional and adventurous training you expect.

Our primary focus is safe and quality flight/ground training, and ensuring you have the required skills to safely operate and excel in multiple areas of aviation.