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Airplane & Helicopter Scenic Tours

Red Eagle Aviation is the only company in the world with a permit to fly you into Glacier National Park.

gacier new photo tour
Airplane tour of Glacier National Park. We will fly you over Glaciers, over glacial lakes and through the parks most majestic mountains. We are the only company with a permit to fly into Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Tour

Helicoptor Tour

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45 Minute Mountain, Flathead Lake and Valley Tour.  Experience some the most beautiful view and stunning landscapes.  Our helicopter tours are simply amazing.  Book your reservation Today. 

Heli Mountain and Glacier View

glacier tour photo
You will fly over the Great Northern Glacier, Great Bear and Bod Marshall Wildernesses. You will experience the most stunning views of our most beautiful wild areas.

Schafer Meadows Charter

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Scenic Tour of the Great Bear and Bob Marshall Wilderness. 

For Backcountry drop offs please call the Red Eagle Aviation at 406-755-0000

Chinese Wall Scenic

chinese wall tour photo

The Chinese Wall is a large escarpment located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in Montana.

Flathead Valley Scenic

valley photo

Fly over the beautiful Flathead Valley and Flathead Lake. You will be able to view Glacier National Park from a distance, the Wilderness areas and the Mission Range.

Spotted Bear Charter

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Scenic Tour of the Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse Reservoir and the Swan Range. 

For Backcountry drop offs please call the Red Eagle Aviation at 406-755-0000

Mission/Swan Mountains

Mission Range
Glorious Mountain Views, hidden lakes, wildlife, etc are just a few of the things to see on this Scenic Flight through two of Montana’s most beautiful Mountain Ranges.

Meadow Creek Charter

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Scenic Tour of the Hungry Horse Reservoir the Bob Marshall and Flathead National Forest. 

For Backcountry drop offs please call the Red Eagle Aviation at 406-755-0000

Regional Charter

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We can fly you to any airport in our region.  Skip the commercial flight, no lines, go where when you want to go.  Up to 5 passengers, limit of 900lbs.  

Please call for booking 406-755-0000

For a more personalized booking,  larger groups, or flight today please call us at 406-755-0000.

Red Eagle Aviation can fly you were ever you would like to go and fly for as long as you would like to fly.

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Red Eagle Aviation

Red Eagle Aviation is the only Flight tour company that is permitted by Glacier National Park, the National Park Service and Federal Aviation Administration to fly tours inside Glacier National Park. If you want to see Glacier National Park, Red Eagle Aviation is your air tour company. We have been flying tours in Glacier National Park and surrounding wilderness areas for over 30 years.

We have the perfect aircraft for flying inside the park and have 5-star rated pilots to ensure your comfort and safety. Red Eagle Aviation can carry up to 5 passengers per plane over the park’s most hidden gems. We will fly you over active glaciers, glacial waterfalls, and ice-filled lakes blue with glacial minerals. You will also see some of the most majestic mountains in North America, and scout for some of the park’s wildlife (Bears, Goats, Sheep, Wolves, Moose, Elk).

Our Services

Flight School

Learn to fly with Red Eagle Aviation. We offer a variety of type ratings from Private Pilot to Helicopter.

FBO Services

Fuel up and stay current. We offer self-serve and full-service fueling as well as repair and maintenance services.

Charter Flights

We offer Adventure Charters to popular backcountry and Flathead River destinations.

Scenic Flights

Experience Glacier National Park and Northwest Montana like never before.

Learn To Fly
With REA

Pursue your dream of learning how to fly. Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. offers FAA Part 61 Flight Instruction.

Master all of the information you will need to be a competent, safe pilot and to pass your knowledge test with confidence. Learn to fly with our amazing team of Certified Flight Instructors who will prepare you to become a pilot. Expand your knowledge and proficiency by training to receive additional ratings. Gain hours while helping others achieve their dreams. We offer CFI training.

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What Our Customers Say

From making memories to making pilots, here are what some of our happy customers have to say about us.

Experience Glacier National
Park From A New Perspective

From Glacier National Park Scenic Flights to Airplane Training, we have you covered. If you have questions or would like to reach out, please do so! Our staff is ready to help you with your next adventure.

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