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Glacier National Park Airplane Tours

No, only companies with permitted certificates from FAA and authorized by National Parks system can fly inside Glacier National Park.  Red Eagle Aviation is the only flight tour operator that is legal to fly actual tours inside the park. Part of holding this unique certificate is having aircraft and pilots that meet a certain standard.

Other air tour companies may advertise park tours, but they can only fly you along the park boundaries or can only do very limited “photo shoots” in the park on their final approach to landing.  Anything else is illegal and misleading advertising.

Our aircraft are held to the highest standards and our pilots are specifically trained for the conditions and terrain in Glacier National Park.  We can get you very close to active glaciers.  We can give you the best experience in the park possible while not disturbing people or wildlife on the ground.

Our pilots are trained in all the highlights of the park.  As a company that has been operating flights in the park for over three decades, we have an intimate knowledge of the park and all that it has to offer.

As a “Part 135” (FAA language) operator with a certificate to fly inside Glacier National Park both our aircraft and pilots are held to the highest standards.  Flying in the backcountry has risks but you are in the best and most experienced hands when you fly with Red Eagle Aviation.

No.  We find that Helicopters are very intrusive to both the wildlife and the park guest on the ground.  We fly airplanes (Cessna 206’s) that are specifically outfitted for tours though Glacier National Park.  We believe that there is a way for everyone to enjoy the park without having a negative impact on the wildlife or park guests on the ground.

Airplanes are by far a much better platform for viewing these special places.  Our airplanes are much faster so you will see more sites, they can hold more passengers, and they are much safer. Airplane tour costs are a fraction of helicopter tours and helicopter tours are very intrusive to both wildlife and folks on the ground.  Over an 8-year period study in the park there where over 80 official noise complaints filed against Helicopters and in the same period, zero noise complaints filed against airplanes in the park.

Typically, you will fly into Glacier International Airport (GPI) which has inbound flights from major passenger airlines. This is the closest passenger airport to Glacier National Park.

We operate from Kalispell City Airport which is a 20 minute drive from GPI.

Glacier National Park is open year round but the popular Going-to-the-Sun-Road opens once the snow is cleared. As snow clears, more of the road opens up. Typically, Going-to-the-Sun-Road is open by the end of June.

You don’t have to wait until Going-to-the-Sun-Road opens to take an aerial tour of Glacier National Park.


Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. does not charge a tie down fee, unless you are leaving your aircraft parked at our facility for longer than 20 days.

We offer Full Service Jet Fuel, Self and Full Service 100LL AVGAS. Oil, aviation equipment/accessories, memorabilia (Hats, T-shirts, etc), a fully staffed mechanic shop able to work on almost any type of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, etc.

There are no rental car agencies on site.

We do have a courtesy car available for short term use. It is first come, first serve, and there is a 2 hour (in town) limit. There is no charge to use the car, however most fellow aviators will put a few gallons of gas in it from time to time.

Flight Training

The cost to train and become certified as a Private Pilot can vary. The minimum requirements as outlined by the FAA is 40-hours. We base our pricing on the requirements of the FAA.

The minimum required time to complete a Private Pilot License Training is 40-hours. This is determined by the FAA and is the minimum. On average, a non-academic schedule requires about 55-hours.

Many of our students have full-time jobs and are learning to fly part-time. Though there is something to be said for immersive learning, it is very possible to get your private pilots license by training part-time.

REA offers the following ratings, sign offs and instruction: PPL, IFR, High Performance, Commercial, CFI, CFII, Heli, Tailwheel, Mountain Flying, Biannual Flight Reviews, Sim training, all using our aircraft, or we can also work with an owner’s aircraft.

Our aircraft rental rates are available on our Aircraft Rental Page.

We are an FAA Certified Part 61/91 Flight School. We are unable to accept the GI Bill at this time.

Kalispell, MT

Southern Kalispell offers a variety of restaurants within a short walk from the Kalispell City Airport. Rosauer’s Grocery, Scotty’s Bar and Grill, Mackenzie River Pizza, Burger King, Subway, etc.

We have the Hilton Garden Inn Suites located next door to Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. They have been generous enough to offer a discounted rate to those who are doing business with Red Eagle Aviation, Inc. and the Kalispell City Airport.

Kalispell City Airport (S27) is not the airport that commercial airliners (like Delta, Alaska, Allegiant, etc) operate out of. You need to go to Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA), even though your ticket says Kalispell City Airport (FCA).

Glacier National Park is about a 48-minute drive from Kalispell City Airport (S27).

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