Northwest Montana
Airplane Charters

backcountry and neighboring airports

Spotted Bear

Flights into Spotted Bear to begin your rafting or hiking adventure.

Airplane Charter

Skip the lines and fly direct with REA.

Scenic Charters

Don't forget your camera, this adventure is yours!


We are equipped to fly you, your friends, and your gear into any backcountry airstrip to begin your rafting and fishing adventures. Avoid security lines, fly when you want to and fly direct with Red Eagle Aviation. We can take you and your private group anywhere in the region. Call us today for more information.

"I had been wanting to fly over glacier national park for several years. The experience and the breathtaking view are really beyond words. Everything was in order and our guide was incredible. Words can't do justice. I was so impressed that I started taking flying lessons at red eagle aviation."

Additional Information

For a more personalized booking or larger groups, please call us at 406-755-2376. Red Eagle Aviation can fly you wherever you would like to go and fly for as long as you would like to fly.

For a flight today please call our office at 406-755-2376.

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