Flight Training

Airplane & Helicopter Flight Training

Ground School

Master all of the information you will need to be a competent, safe pilot and to pass your knowledge test with confidence.

Flight Training

Learn to fly with our amazing team of Certified Flight Instructors who will prepare you to become a pilot.

Additional Ratings

Expand your knowledge and proficiency by training to receive additional ratings.

Become A CFI

Gain hours while helping others achieve their dreams. We offer CFI training.

Airplane & Helicopter Flight Training

Learn to fly in the big skies of Northwestern Montana!

Ground School

Obtain training in the aeronautical knowledge areas required of a Private pilot with our Certified Flight Instructors. Ground School can take place alongside your Flight Training.

Flight Training

Whether for personal or professional aspirations, Flight Training at REA assures the safest, most complete and professional approach toward achieving your dreams while working with our Certified Flight Instructors.

Helicopter Training

Experience the pleasure of handling the most maneuverable vehicle known to man. Like no other aircraft, the helicopter constantly challenges its pilots to be the best.

Flight Simulator & Additional Ratings

Build hours, ace procedures, master weather, and stay proficient by flying our FAA Approved Simulator. Simulator: $65/hr We currently offer training for a variety of additional ratings such as Instrument, Tailwheel, CFI, and CFII.

Mountain Flying

The course is taught by highly experienced mountain/bush pilots and emphasizes reading weather patterns along with high mountain winds and the best routes to fly to stay out of turbulence. Also included are presentations on emergency landings and flying techniques for surviving unscheduled landings, as well as in-depth mountain flying instruction, emergency locator procedures, and survival/medical gear.

CFI Training

Become a Certified Flight Instructor by learning to train others who are getting started on their aviation journey. We offer CFI and CFII training.

Getting Started

The first step is getting in touch. Use the form below to connect with us. The appropriate person from our team will reach out to you ASAP!


Do you have any questions?

Your training questions answered in our FAQ section.

"I had been wanting to fly over glacier national park for several years. The experience and the breathtaking views are really beyond words. Everything was in order and our guide was incredible. Words can't do justice. I was so impressed that I started taking flying lessons at red eagle aviation."
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